YouTube Restored Bitcoin Bull Anthony Pompliano’s Channel

Video sharing platform YouTube removed the channel of Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and host of The Pomp Podcast. But later, the video hosting nevertheless restored the Pompliano channel.

On October 11, cryptocurrency aficionado Anthony Pompliano said on his Twitter account that he received a message from YouTube that in a recent interview with the creator of the PlanB live distribution model, “illegal activity” was encouraged.

Pompliano’s channel was unavailable for several hours. But later he was returned to the platform without restrictions on access to all the video materials on the channel.

Pompliano commented that YouTube first claimed that the Bitcoin interview had harmful and dangerous content.

“Then they said that we would receive a warning, but after a while I received a second e-mail, which said that the channel would be deleted in a few seconds after receiving the letter,” Pompliani added.

Pompliani noted that he did not receive any warnings about violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

YouTube has long flagged cryptocurrency-related content as malicious. According to YouTube rules, after three warnings in 90 days, hosting has the right to delete the channel without the possibility of restoration. The platform also states that it has the right to remove channels after a “single incident of serious abuse” or for accounts dedicated to content that includes hate speech, insult or impersonation.

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