Yat – A New Feature of Web3, Or How Much Would You Pay For Emoticons?

The American startup Yat offers the function of using emoji, beloved by all users, as various digital identifiers. For example, they can become a wallet address or a URL. They can be issued as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

A Yat address or nickname can contain from one to five emojis. They don’t need to be tokenized, it is just one of the options for an additional fee. If the idea gains popularity, it could compete with the well-known DNS, the traditional domain name system.

And apparently, users like this variant of the name – the trading volume of Yat on OpenSea has already reached 410 ETH. And the most expensive Yat was the golden key symbol, which was auctioned off for $425,000 in the middle of last year. Among the investors of the project are Paris Hilton, Lil Wayne and Cash.

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