XRP Went Above $1 Today

On Tuesday, April 6th XRP finally did what his enthusiasts were expecting for a long time. It added 40% value within the last 24 hours. Its capitalization reached $45 millions, and it’s the fourth in capitalization Top at the moment.

The very same day but a bit earlier it reached $0.8, hitting a three year maximum. This token used to be in the epicentre of the dramatic trial with the SEC, when they both couldn’t reach an agreement about its legal status. This led to the delisting of XRP from multiple American exchanges and affected its price.

However, now Ripple and the SEC figured things out, and now Ripple gains back its reputation and status quickly. Although it rolled back a little after reaching $1, correction is inevitable when a cryptocurrency grows that fast. Being actively supported by the community, XRP is ready to slay again.

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