XRP Community Wants to Be Included Into the Discussion

The lawsuit of the SEC against Ripple still goes on, and there are different predictions about its outcome but under any scenario the XRP holders will be the most affected by its result. The XRP community has been very supportive towards the token during all this time but now they are concerned with the way taken by the case.

The SEC concluded that Ripple didn’t manage to form a use case for XRP, and Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, seemed to admit it. The scenario of complying with SEC’s claims is unlikely but possible, and this is what holders, who took part in the development of XRP ecosystem, don’t want. John Deaton, the lead attorney of the XRP holders, tries to intervene and let the community participate in the discussion. 

A lot of XRP’s were sold by the key personas of the company recently. This fact also causes concerns in the community, because it looks like low confidence. Now all the crypto market undergoes correction, and XRP wasn’t an exclusion but it will be better for the asset if Ripple heard the voice of its holders and include them into a discussion.

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