XMR Mining Malware “Crackonosh” Infected 222 Thousand Computers

Avast said in a report on Thursday that the virus program “Crackonosh” has brought in over $2 million to XMR creators.

According to a report by security company Avast, malicious software called “Crackonosh” was found on 222,000 compromised computers. These machines were loaded with the illegal torrent versions of popular video games, including “NBA 2K19” and “Grand Theft Auto V”.

The virus installs cryptocurrency mining software that has already earned for its authors over $2 million in Monero (XMR).

Monero is often used by cybercriminals because it is more difficult to track down than other cryptocurrencies.

According to Avast’s analysis, Crackonosh has worked successfully for many years. The program had built-in mechanisms to disable security software and updates. Because of this, users could not detect and remove the program.

The malware is believed to have originated in the Czech Republic, but has spread throughout the world. In the USA alone, this program was installed on 5% of affected computers.

The Avast post also details how to remove the malware.

On Thursday, Ledger came out with a public warning about a new phishing scam sending customers fake hardware wallets for the crypto assets under the name of Ledger Nano. They are equipped with the hardware that steals the assets. Scammers produced a detailed and complex scheme of fooling people using a famous, reliable brand name.

Also, a new type of scam called the “soft rug” has recently emerged in the DeFi decentralized financial ecosystem. A soft rug is when the project founders simply dump their own tokens and exit the enterprise instead of taking control of the users’ assets.

In this scheme, developers go out of their way to gain trust and create a false sense of security by trying to disguise the token dump. If the scammers do everything seamlessly, users won’t even suspect anything until it’s too late.

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