Wirex is Now Open to Residents of Ukraine

British fintech company Wirex has provided residents of Ukraine with the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and open savings accounts based on DeFi products.

After passing the verification, Ukrainian users will be able to trade more than 20 types of crypto assets. And by opening a DeFi-based savings account called X-Accounts, users will be able to receive up to 16% compound interest on selected currencies per year. Interest can also be credited in native WXT currency.

In the future, the company plans to issue a special card for Ukrainian users, thanks to which it will be possible to pay in cryptocurrency for any goods and services. Automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies into hryvnia, as well as the creation of a virtual card for Apple Pay and Google Pay, will make payments with a Wirex’s card much more convenient.

According to the company, currently, more than 4 million people in 130 countries use Wirex MasterCard and Visa cards.

Earlier, the Ukrainian bank, Monobank, completed the integration with the crypto-exchange in order to provide its users with the ability to buy and sell Bitcoins using a debit card.

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