Why Did Twitter Suspend the Crypto Influeners’ Accounts?

Suddenly Twitter suspended several accounts of the crypto influencers, and no one knows why. Usually it happens if a user violates the rules of this social network. But their owners aren’t fakes or trolls but respected users with hundreds of thousands followers. And all three of them are related to cryptocurrencies and digital finance.

The unfortunate accounts belong to PlanB, The Crypto Dog, and Willy Woo. No one can explain why it happened to them. Interesting is that the same happened before to the other crypto influencers like Anthony Pompliano. However, back then it took a couple of hours to restore it.

Twitter claims the accounts wouldn’t have been suspended for nothing. If it happened, they must have violated the rules. This is really weird, because Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, is very friendly towards digital finance, so it can’t be an attack on the industry from the inside. Let’s see how they will figure things out.

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