Why did the Solana network collapse on April 30th? The developers named the reason

The developers reported that from the night of April 30 to May 1, the Solana network collapsed due to the huge number of incoming transactions and heavy traffic.

As it turned out, the network failure provoked excessive activity of bots that competed for new NFTs released using the Candy Machine tool.

Since the Dutch auction was canceled and tokens were selling at a fixed price, many users took advantage of the huge number of bots to get ahead of the competition. As a result, the validators ran out of memory and crashed.

The total number of forks the validators had to evaluate exceeded their ability to do so automatically. As a result, manual intervention was needed to fix the problem.

“TPS reached 6 million, exceeding 100 Gb / s of traffic for individual nodes. Signs of DoS attacks have not been identified,” the report says.

On average, the Solana network processes about 2700 TPS, the upper threshold is more than 710,000 TPS. To prevent the recurrence of such situations in the future, the developers are preparing update v1.10.

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