What’s New in the Crypto World Today?

Bitcoin started this day from the strong positive trend. Now it’s traded for $56,261. Ethereum dropped within the last 24 hours but now recovers. Uniswap lost 10,31% within a week and Cardano lost 8,74%. A new Theta token entered the Top-10 of the most capitalized cryptocurrencies and keeps growing rapidly.

Coinbase allowed the listing of CBDCs as well as any stablecoins and decentralized assets if they meet their requirements. Uniswap revealed the details about their third version of a platform that will be launched in May. A new platform will allow users earn more profit due to expanding the limits.

CoinMetrics think there is no solution for Ethereum to reduce the transaction fee. They analyzed the perspective of the asset and concluded that the planned update EIP-1559 will not help to make transactions more affordable. 

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