What Happened on the NFT Market This Week

The NFT craze around the world doesn’t seem to slow down but this week was especially fruitful; it brought so many new projects and perspectives. We chose those that are worth your attention the most, in our humble opinion.

Now if you have an NFT piece, you can take a loan with the Pawn Shop by Hoard NFT marketplace. They offer crypto loans with NFTs as collateral, and also invite lenders to earn profit with them by borrowing stablecoins to other users.

The first series of baseball cards in NFT is available on WAX, created by Major League Baseball and MLB players, Inc. together with Topps Digital. They plan to issue more tokenized physical collectibles and digital anniversary sets. Another sports celebrity, Tom Brady, is going to launch an entire NFT platform called Autograph.

Godzilla vs. Kong movie release is being celebrated by a series of NFT collectibles related to it. They include seven artworks with their creator’s signature. Two rappers, Jeezy and Riff Raff, also entered the NFT space. Jeezy is going to create an NFT with his famous snowman logo, and Riff Raff’s pieces are already available on Sweet platform. Even the Annoying Orange, an iconic meme, will be featured in a tokenized video its team is going to release.

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