Warren Buffet’s Holding Invested $500 Million Into a Crypto-Friendly Bank

Warren Buffet never had a reputation of a crypto supporter but things seem to have changed as his Berkshire Hathaway holding invested $500 millions into a Brazilian digital bank Nubank that is friendly to the crypto assets. The funding happened within the G series investment round and is said to be targeted on expanding the company.

At the moment, Nubank is the biggest digital bank in the world with more than 40 millions customers. Back in 2020, they acquired an Easynvest investment platform with 1,6 million clients that manages a total of $5 billion assets. 

Interesting is that Warren Buffet was among those influential people of the finance world that used to criticize cryptocurrencies. It was in 2020. Charles Manger, one of the Berkshire Hathaway top executives, confessed his hatred for Bitcoin about a month ago. However, this investment might seem that their attitude towards cryptocurrencies has changed.

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