Vitalik Buterin, Now a Crypto Billionaire, Dumped All the Dogecoin Copycats

Vitalik Buterin who earlier received a bunch of SHIBs, AKITAs and ELONs, got rid of the most. He donated them to charity organizations. Big transactions performed by him dumped their markets drastically; he transferred literally trillions of meme tokens using Uniswap and Coinbase for the operations.

Thanks to SHIB, Vitalik entered the list of crypto billionaires due to the hype around it. Binance even ran short of the Ethereum addresses as soon as Shiba Inu was listed on the exchange, because users wanted to buy SHIBs so badly. This happened for the first time with Binance, and this craze about skyrocketing coins brought Ethereum a fortune.

Ironically, his transactions completely dumped the market of meme coins mimicking Dogecoin. Those that were the least known lost all or almost all their value. There is an opinion that he did it to normalize the transaction fees that became ridiculously big because of the big demand for these tokens. The average fee for one reached an all-time high of $60.

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