Visa and Mastercard Took the Direction Towards Crypto

Two biggest payment systems took a course towards crypto, and big businesses started following them. Visa was very clear about researching the crypto space back in 2020, and this year they are ready to represent the results of this research.

Their innovation enables crypto payments with USDCs, stablecoins backed by U.S. dollars. Moreover, the Ethereum network will be used for it. The pilot version of the program was tested successfully and will be available for most of their partners at the end of the year.

Back in February, Mastercard announced that they will start working with crypto payments as well. BYC Mellon and Black Rock Inc. started supporting crypto in their systems. Elon Musk’s announcement about accepting crypto as a payment for Tesla cars didn’t even surprise anyone – he is a well-known enthusiast of the newest tech innovations.

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