Visa and Mastercard Not Available in Russia

Payment systems Visa and Mastercard announced a temporary cessation of work on the territory of the Russian Federation due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Visa CEO Alfred F Kelly said the company was forced to act after Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s unacceptable actions. According to him, this war poses a threat not only to Ukraine but to the whole world.

According to the decision of the company, all Visa cards stopped working in the Russian Federation, even those issued outside the country. In addition, cards issued in Russia will not work outside this country.

Mastercard made a similar statement. From now on, cards issued by Russian banks will not be supported by the Mastercard network. And payment system cards issued outside the Russian Federation will not work in stores and ATMs in the country.

Earlier, the US Treasury Department said it would monitor compliance with the sanctions regime against Russia, including the issue of their potential circumvention with the help of cryptocurrencies.

The BTC-Alpha team together with trusted volunteer communities created a charity fund ‘‘Alpha for Ukraine’. You can make a donation to help everyone in Ukraine who needs medicines, humanitarian aid and to support the defence of the country.

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