Venezuelan stole over $1 million in BTC and faked his own kidnapping

In Venezuela, law enforcement officials are looking for a 23-year-old man for stealing 23.66 Bitcoins (over $1.13 million at the time of writing) and faking his own kidnapping.

On August 29, Venezuela’s Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (CICPC) director Douglas Rico stated 23-year-old Andrés Jesús Dos Santos Hernández is wanted on charges of money laundering and fraud.

Authorities suspect Hernández faked his kidnapping to steal money from his clients’ Binance accounts immediately after he disappeared.

According to the director of the CICPC, police believe Hernandez faked his kidnapping. And the claim that the kidnappers allegedly forced the Venezuelan to enter the Binance platform and make transfers of crypto assets to different digital wallets, is false.

The suspect allegedly posed as a financial advisor and tricked several local investors accumulating a total of 23.66 BTC.

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