VeChain Thor Mainnet Closed 10 Million Blocks With No Downtime

VeChain Thor has closed over 10 million blocks and is processing block 10,004,141 at the time of writing.

The VeChain Foundation tweeted about this achievement on September 1, adding that it is “an important milestone in the scalability, security and flawless stability of the public blockchain.”

VeChain uses the Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, which allows the network to process high-speed transactions based on identity and reputation as a stake using a total of 101 authoritative nodes.

The platform plans to move to the next-generation PoA 2.0-SURFACE consensus mechanism soon, which it describes as a “secure, use-case adaptive and relatively branch-free approach to chain expansion”.

This update should provide higher on-chain throughput and reduce the chances of forking, with the highest level of data security not found on any other blockchain platform.

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