VanEck Expects for SEC to Respond in 45 Days

A Bitcoin ETF VanEck waits for the SEC to make a decision on the project in 45 days. The regulator can approve or decline the project, and also it has a right to extend the period of reviewing up to 249 days. 

Earlier, a blockchain startup SolidX filed a lawsuit against VanEck accusing them on plagiarism of their own Bitcoin ETF. The projects used to be partners but their ETF was withdrawn by SEC, and now SolidX accuses VanEck because of filing a project of their collaboration as their own.

The leader of SEC, John Clayton, quitted this post, and this became the reason why American companies list their ETFs again. Under Clayton’s leadership, the SEC dismissed nine Bitcoin ETFs. The lack of proper regulation of Bitcoin was the most popular excuse to do it. The Canadian regulators are not that strict – in February they approved several Bitcoin ETFs.

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