US pharmacies sell instant COVID-19 tests for Bitcoins

The American company Progressive Care announced that it has begun selling instant tests for COVID-19 for Bitcoins.

Now, PharmcoRx pharmacies can pay for coronavirus tests with cryptocurrency using a QR code.

Progressive Care CEO and Chairman Jay Weisberg said the company believes in the future of blockchain technology and wants to expand their market-leading COVID-19 instant testing services for those who choose to pay with Bitcoin.

“This is an excellent alternative for post-pandemic tourists coming into our communities from abroad. It also allows those with an alternative view of payment systems to get the testing services they require as we strive to maintain a shield against a fresh resurgence of this terrible virus,” he added.

Progressive Care also noted that the new service will appear on the eve of the large-scale Bitcoin conference 2021, which will be held in Miami and will bring together more than 50,000 people.

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