US Attorney’s Office Demanded the Return of Ex-Ethereum Foundation Researcher Virgil Griffith Into Custody

Former Ethereum Foundation researcher Virgil Griffith may return to prison for violating bail rules.

According to journalist and blockchain analyst Amy Castor, the US Attorney’s Office announced that Griffith had violated the terms of bail, as he allegedly attempted to gain access to a frozen account with a million dollars in cryptocurrency.

Representatives of the authorities believe that this exceeds the acceptable level of risk of the programmer’s escape.

Attorney Jason Gottlieb thinks that the prosecutor’s office is acting incredibly brutal and repressive towards Griffith.

The persecution by the US government of the former Ethereum Foundation employee began after he attended a blockchain conference in Pyongyang. According to the investigation, Griffith told representatives of the DPRK’s government how to use cryptocurrencies to bypass sanctions.

Earlier, the widow of an active supporter of the cryptocurrency John McAfee, whom the US government demanded to extradite on charges of tax evasion, said she doubts her husband’s suicide.

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