Ukrainians Created the World’s Largest NFT As A Gift To Elon Musk

Ukrainians decided to thank billionaire Elon Musk for his help to the country during the war and created a touching gift — the world’s largest NFT called The Big Thank You Elon.

The non-fungible token consists of 20 drawings of displaced children from different parts of Ukraine. The drawings depict Musk in different images. For example, on one of them, Elon grazes sheep in the Ukrainian Carpathians, on others he flies on a rocket or rides in an armoured car.

The picture size of 30,000×30,000 pixels is a new world record. Before that, the largest NFT was The First 5000 Days by artist Beeple (21069×21069 pixels).

The project was created with the support of EdTech company Keiki and is now listed on OpenSea.

Businessman Elon Musk helped Ukraine from the first days of the war. He donated Starlink satellite Internet terminals to the needs of the army, Tesla Powerwall generators to hospitals, and donated considerable amounts to various Ukrainian charitable foundations.

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