Ukraine is #1 In the World By the Percentage Of the Population Owning Cryptocurrencies

Ukraine took first place in the ranking of countries of the world in terms of the percentage of the population owning cryptocurrencies.

According to Triple A, 5.5 million Ukrainians, or 12.7% of the country’s population, have digital currency.

However, these data are very approximate, since Triple A does not count the ultimate owners, but the number of cryptocurrency wallets registered in the country. And each person can have several wallets.

As of the end of 2021, 3.9% of the world’s population owned cryptocurrencies (300 million users).

India ranks first in the world in terms of the absolute number of cryptocurrency wallets – 100 million, followed by the United States – 27 million, Nigeria third – 13 million.

The Triple A study also showed that men are more interested in cryptocurrencies. 79% of men have crypto wallets, and only 21% of women have addresses to store crypto assets.

According to Triple A data, people with a bachelor’s degree or other higher education are more interested in cryptocurrencies – 82%. More than half of the people with a cryptocurrency wallet are under 34.

Recall that 47% of cryptocurrency traders use only centralized exchanges for their activities, according to the ForkLog survey.

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