Ukraine DAO Raised $6.75 Million to Help Ukraine

The Ukraine DAO raised 2,258 ETH (~$6.75 million at the time of writing) in an auction of the Ukrainian flag as NFT.

Specifically, to raise funds in the crypto community, Ukraine DAO was formed by activist Alena Shevchenko, a group of digital artists PleasrDAO and Pussy Riot member Nadya Tolokonnikova.

The auction lasted from February 26 to March 2. The funds received from the sale of NFT will be sent to organizations that help victims of the war in Ukraine.

One of the auction participants was the OnlyFans resource, which sent 500 ETH. Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian also contributed. Many others chose to remain anonymous.

Among all those who made donations, 1000 LOVE tokens will be distributed. They will serve as a reminder of the ongoing humanitarian needs of our world.

Since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war, many organizations, crypto exchanges and ordinary people from all over the world organized and raised millions of dollars to help Ukraine.

New sanctions against Russia are being introduced everywhere by governments of countries, organizations, firms and crypto-exchanges.

The BTC-Alpha team together with trusted volunteer communities created a charity fund ‘‘Alpha for Ukraine’. You can make a donation to help everyone in Ukraine who needs medicines, humanitarian aid and to support the defence of the country.

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