UK Going to Release Official NFT, Visa Launches NFT Program and Other NFT News

The UK is moving by leaps and bounds into the crypto-friendly world, the Pudgy Penguins have changed hands, and Visa has opened the door to new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Official UK NFT

The UK Government Treasury asked the Royal Mint to create an “emblem of UK forward thinking” in the NFT before the end of the year.

As the Treasury press service noted, this decision demonstrates the forward-looking approach that it intends to take in relation to crypto-assets in the UK.

Pudgy Penguins sold to Netz Capital

The Pudgy Penguins NFT project team announced on Twitter that Luca Netz from Netz Capital bought the project for 750 ETH ($2.5 million at the time of sale).

With the purchase of 8,888 Pudgy Penguin NFT, Netz will receive all future resale royalties.


Visa launched its Creator Program to help entrepreneurs accelerate their business with NFTs. Visa says the goal is to bring digital creators together, empower them, and educate them about blockchain technology and NFT commerce.

The BTC-Alpha team together with trusted volunteer communities created a charity fund ‘‘Alpha for Ukraine’. You can make a donation to help everyone in Ukraine who needs medicines, humanitarian aid and to support the defence of the country.

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