Two Top Managers of Microstrategy Sold Their Shares As Bitcoin Started Growing Back

These days MicroStrategy is more famous as a bullish Bitcoin investor rather than as a software company. However, Bloomberg reports that two top managers of the company sold their shares for a total of $14,4 million. This contradicts the company’s policy of sticking to Bitcoin no matter what.

The CFO of Microstrategy Phong Le and their CTO Timothy Lang sold their shares this August by fulfilling around 30% options received as compensation. Michael Saylor, however, stays loyal to Bitcoin and doesn’t sell the company’s shares.

The experts believe that this move was caused by the mistrust in the Saylor choice of strategy to rely on Bitcoin so much. But it was also noticed that the investors of MicroStrategy probably won’t be pushed away by this, as they are the same bullish about Bitcoin as Saylor himself.

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