Twitter Users Will Be Able to Set Their NFTs on Avatars

Twitter users announced the development of a new feature that will allow all NFT holders to show off their collections online by displaying tokens as profile pictures.

Senior Software Engineer on Twitter Mada Aflak shared a video of a new feature that allows users to add NFTs to their accounts. If the feature becomes public, users will be able to edit their profiles, connect a cryptocurrency wallet, and import their collection from OpenSea. They will then be able to set any of their NFTs as their avatar.

In addition, there will be a specific badge in the profile that confirms the authenticity of the NFT.

Aflak added that the video shows an experimental version of the new function, so she is awaiting suggestions for possible improvements.

Messari Research analyst Mason Nystrom said Twitter could potentially add tenure validation, a recommendation to other NFT holders, buy and sell directly from Twitter profiles, and create social charts for NFT holders in the future.

Last week, Twitter integrated Lightning payments with user profiles, allowing you to send and receive Bitcoins to receive tips or other payments.

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