Twitter Users Will Be Able to Send Tips in ETH

The social network Twitter gave its users the ability to send cash rewards to content creators in Ethereum (ETH).

The developers also added the ability to send tips using Paga, Barter by Flutterwave and Paytm services, according to the company’s announcement.

But the new feature does not support ENS domains, according to TechCrunch. In essence, users simply share their Ethereum wallet address with their followers, since it is not possible to tip ETH via Twitter. To send tips in ETH, users need to do this in an old-fashioned way. You need to type the recipient’s wallet address in your wallet app and send tips. But due to the high fees on the Ethereum network, this feature is losing its appeal.

The crypto tipping function was opened by the social giant Twitter to all users in September 2021. And later, the social network added the ability to set NFTs as a profile photo.

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