Tweet mocking the value of NFT converted to NFT for $5K

Twitter user Lauren Walker made fun of the value of nonfungible tokens, and the crypto community responded by converting this tweet and replies into NFT, which has already grown in value over $5,000.

In a tweet on October 2, Lauren Walker mockingly stated that her current NFT is allegedly worth more than $8 trillion. But she didn’t buy them, she just right-clicked and saved them to disk.

In response to this post, criticism rained down from the crypto community towards Walker, who clearly ignored the main principle of NFT’s value – verifiable authenticity, which is at the heart of tokenization. But Walker dismissed the criticism and said that the community was crazy, but she doesn’t care, and she has a real job.

Several users decided to “play a trick” on Walker in response to her arrogance. They took screenshots of Walker’s post and multiple replies, minted them as NFTs, and auctioned them off on the OpenSea marketplace. CaptainFantastic’s “Have Fun Staying Poor” token bet currently stands at up to 1.5 Ether (ETH), or roughly $5,100 at the time of publication. Another token from user Clown World NFT hasn’t received any stakes yet.

While it is certainly possible to make money in the NFT market, it appears to be subject to the same volatility as cryptocurrency prices. Dune Analytics data shows that OpenSea’s daily trading volume was over 34,070 ETH on October 3, and major companies including Visa have even invested in NFT collectables like CryptoPunks.

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