Turtle.dex Turned Out to Be an Exit Scam

According to the news from Wu Blockchain, the creator of the decentralized exchange Turtle.dex ran away with $2 million cost of BNBs. Their website and Telegram group were deleted. This is a typical behaviour for the exit scammers.

A part of these assets was converted into ETHs to reach Binance, and the investors asked the exchange to block the accounts that requested it. This, sadly, wasn’t a surprise for the community, because Turtle.dex was suspected to be an exit scam.

When Turtledex Leonardo, the creator of the project, received a straightforward question about it, he turned everything into a joke. He answered that turtles have too short hands for this. Unfortunately, there are too many scams in the decentralized space that are very bad for its reputation and hold back many potential investors.

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