Tron Foundation Tokenized Picasso’s Famous Art

A blockchain giant’s project Tron Foundation created a fund called JUST NFT recently, and they turned the famous work by Pablo Picasso into a nonfungible token. Its founder Justin Sun bought the picture called “Femme Nue Couchee Au Collier” and included it into Tron’s blockchain as a TRC-721 token.

From now on the piece of art will stay in the Tron blockchain and in a file system BitTorrent. This is the historical moment when Picasso’s art started existing not as the physical object only but also as a digital asset. Nobody will be able to steal it because its safety is provided by a smart contract.

Everybody hurries up to benefit from NFTs until the hype is gone. Justin Sun’s plans for this field are really impressive, and he buys arts actively to tokenize them later. Recently he purchased a collection of Beeple’s digital arts and also “Three self-portraits” by Andy Warhol

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