Tron Collaborates With DuckDAO For Mutual Development

A collaboration between Tron and DuckDAO promises to be fruitful. DuckDAO is a DeFi-project that provides access to the information, capital and expertise. It has a strong community which is very important for a Tron that is eager to develop in the decentralized space.

Tron, being cheaper and faster than Ethereum, grows its influence in the blockchain field. It provides great options for NFT for these reasons. It is also environment-friendly due to the use of PoS consensus algorithm that consumes less energy than PoW. Lindsey Lohan recently used Tron to sell her NFTs.

More developers turn to Tron but it still can’t compete with Ethereum that dominates the DeFi space. DuckDAO’s community will help Tron receive more attention and get the capitalization it deserves.

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