Trace Network Labs and 7 Bridges Going to Launch World’s First NFT Craft Beer

Trace Network Labs decided to provide brands and customers with the ability to deliver lifestyle products to any metaverse through an NFT marketplace of unique, limited edition luxury goods called Bling.

The Bling marketplace has been built on a polygonal network to provide faster, smoother, safer, and cheaper transactions for the metaverse.

As part of a project to bring NFT to the metaverse of unique digital lifestyle products, Trace Network Labs partnered with a wide variety of brands, such as the Vietnamese craft beer maker 7 Bridges Brewing Company. As part of this collaboration, the world’s first craft NFT beer was developed and released.

A series of craft beers called iNFTy was brewed according to a special recipe. In total, only 99 digitized NFT bottles of Grand Cru craft beer will be produced, each with a physical manifestation. The original beer recipe was burned right after the exclusive batch was made, so it will never be made again.

In total, there will be 110 physical bottles, 99 NFTs and 11 Brewer’s Reserve editions. The company will release 99 500ml bottles for NFT auctions to be held on Bling.

7 Bridges will place the bottles in the cellar, where they will be stored in optimal conditions until they are claimed by the highest bidders for NFT by February 29, 2024.

Each bottle will have a unique label and number with deep meanings from science, history, pop culture and mysticism.

Trace Network has announced its move into metaverse space with an exclusive Metaverse Lifestyle. According to the idea, iNFTy will allow you to enter any metaverse, which means that owners can carry their NFT bottles with them anywhere in the metaverse. The collection of drinks can be shown as a virtual avatar.

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