TIME Magazine Sold Its Covers as NFTs

TIME, the famous American magazine, sold three of their covers as NFTs for 241 ETHs. It equals $385,000 at the moment of writing. They were sold on SuperRare marketplace. A mysterious customer nicknamed mondoir1 purchased all three.

It was a series of covers that became iconic due to their provocative messages. The first, that says “Is God Dead?” was released in 1966 and was quite a fresh minimalist design for the time. The second, that says “Is Truth Dead?” was released in 2,5 months after Trump’s inauguration. And finally, the third “Is Fiat Dead?” was created specially for this auction.

The authors of the third cover created it to focus the audience’s attention on the cryptocurrencies winning the financial space from the fiat money. As the examples of the digital assets Time used Bitcoin and Dogecoin.  

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