Three Lawyers Left Terraform Labs After UST Collapse — The Block

Three members of the Terraform Labs legal department resigned after the collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin TerraUSD (UST) and the LUNA token.

According to The Block, citing a source, all legal cases are currently being handled by a third-party specialist.

Resignations from Terraform Labs were made by General Counsel Mark Goldich, General Corporate Counsel Lawrence Florio and General Litigation and Regulatory Counsel Noah Axler. According to their LinkedIn profiles, they worked on the project for less than a year.

A spokesman for the company stated that while some employees have left, the majority of the team is still firmly committed to the mission of the project.

Goldich, Florio, and Exler did not comment on their departure from Terraform Labs.

One Twitter user suggested that the lawyers quit because they had concerns about a stable salary payment.

Earlier, the Terra community voted against Do Kwon’s idea to create the hard fork of the network and make a new token airdrop.

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