There’s More Songs, Arts and Even an Arm in the NFT Space

The Weeknd followed the footsteps of other musicians and is ready to issue an NFT track. He announced it on his Twitter yesterday. This song won’t be available on any other platform and will be sold from the auction on Nifty Gateway marketplace. Meanwhile, Eulerbeats, the Ethereum-based music and art platform, sold an LP of 27 tokenized tracks on OpenSea.

Oleksandra Oliynykova, a Croatian tennis player, sold the lifetime ownership of space on her arm for more than $5,000 from OpenSea. The area is as big as 15×8 cm and is available for any tattoo that is not related to gambling, betting or any extremism at the owner’s cost.

A well-known Japanese artist Takashi Murakami enters the NFT space. He released a series of 8bit digital art. He admits that his interest in digital art in the virtual space was inspired by the Animal Crossing game. 

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