The User of Twitter Promised To Publish the “Dirty Laundry” Of the Crypto Community

A Twitter user with the nickname “adyingnobody” promised that in the next few days he would publish more than 137 GB of information that could “split the crypto community”.

According to him, he was able to use an exploit in the protection of the Telegram messenger to get information from private chats of popular crypto influencers about various scam projects and even murders.

Anonymous stated that after the publication of these data, the crypto community will never be the same, since these correspondences contain clear evidence of various crimes, acts of homophobia and racism.

In addition, adyingnobody states that there is also information about popular crypto projects that are unlikely to survive the exposure of their “dirty laundry”.

When asked why he was doing this, the author stated that he was dying and how the protagonist of the Saw franchise, seeing “the injustice of this world”, intends to demonstrate it to others.

Adyingnobody promised to publish the first batch of data on June 15th.

The Telegram messenger was created by Russian businessman Pavel Durov. The program found popularity mainly among users in the territory of the former CIS countries. And since the bulk of the global crypto community uses Twitter, it is unlikely that the scandalous information published by an anonymous person will concern anyone outside of Russia or other post-Soviet countries.

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