The USA Authorities Arrested a Russian Citizen For Bitcoin Laundering

Roman Sterlingov, a suspected operator of Bitcoin Fog mixing service from Russia, was arrested in the USA recently. He is accused of laundering $336 millions in Bitcoins and providing the payment services without a license. 

The Bitcoin mixer was launched back in 2011. During all these years it was used to transfer a total of 1.2 millions BTC which is equal to $335.8 millions. These coins may have come from darknet markets and exchanges that were hacked. This service is unregistered and doesn’t have a required license to provide its services. 

The investigators found the proof of Roman Sterlingov being connected to Bitcoin Fog with the help of his transactions in the Liberty Reserve system where the data are sold illegally, and also his account was found on Mt.Gox.  Bitcoin mixing is illegal in the USA from October, 2020, and Sterlingove will face the court if enough proof of his guilt is found.

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