The Tokenized “Disaster Girl” Meme Was Sold for 180 ETHs

A heroine of a famous “Disaster Girl” Zoe Roth who is 21 now, meme made a fortune by tokenizing it and selling this NFT for 180 ETH. It equals to $500,000 according to the relevant rate at the moment the article was written.

The NFT featuring a girl with the evil facial expression standing in front of the background of а burning house appeared on the auction on April, 16th. On that moment 180 ETHs were equal to $430,000. Moreover, Roth’s ownership is still relevant, and she will receive 10% each time this NFT will be resold.
Memes are being actively tokenized these days when NFT hype is worldwide. It’s an easy way to get a lot of money for selling them as collectibles to those who are interested in digitized art. Check the list of Top-10 most expensive NFTs we covered recently.

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