The Supply of ETHs on the Exchanges Reached a 2yr Minimum

The supply of Ethereums on the biggest crypto exchanges are on the critical minimum. Last time they were this limited about 28 months ago. The data collected by Santiment agency show that ETHs make around 20% on the exchanges at the moment. A year ago, things were the contrary – ETHs made 27% of the entire exchanges’ supply, and this was an ATH number. 

Meanwhile, the demand keeps growing. Due to the bullish trend and the interest from the institutional investors, ETHs are becoming less available. Now both Bitcoin and Ethereum are wanted by big institutions that flood their markets with money.

However, other altcoins are also receiving their part of investors’ attention. The supply of Chainlink tokens is also limited due to the increased demand. The Grayscale’s plans to launch a trust based on LINKs contributed to its growth a lot.

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