The Solana Network Collapsed

On Wednesday, June 1, the Solana network experienced an outage with no new blocks produced for more than four hours due to a consensus failure.

According to the developers, the consensus failure was caused by a failure in the processing of long-term non-targeted transactions. Therefore, this type of operation was disabled, and the validators were forced to restart the blockchain.

Durable transaction nonces are intended for token holders who use complex automatic signing settings, which is why they cannot always promptly prepare transactions for registration on the blockchain.

For example, a custodian who signs a transaction from two isolated devices may not have time to complete the work within one block. A normal transaction on the Solana network will not work in this case, however, the above function allows you to bypass this limitation and pre-sign offline.

According to one of the Solana validators under the pseudonym Stakewiz, the problem with this type of transaction has long been known and a similar error in the system already took place on May 28, but it did not affect the cluster.

According to Solana, network downtime was 4 hours and 10 minutes. At the time of writing, the blockchain is stable. At the same time, browsers like Solscan and Solana Beach have had problems displaying block release and transaction times – the values ​​are indicated with a six-hour delay.

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