The President of Ukraine Signed the Law “On Virtual Assets”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed the law “On virtual assets”, which will come into force after the adoption of amendments to the Tax Code.

The Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Law “On Virtual Assets” on February 17, 2022. After the entry into force of the law, cryptocurrency exchanges will soon operate absolutely legally in Ukraine, and banks will be able to open accounts for cryptocurrency companies. In addition, the rights of cryptocurrency owners are legally protected, that is, it will be possible to protect them in court proceedings.

According to the law, the role of the market regulator will be performed by two state bodies – the National Bank of Ukraine and the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market (NKTSBFR). The NBU will deal with issues of virtual assets that are backed by currency values. And the regulation of the circulation of cryptocurrencies and virtual assets secured by securities or derivative financial instruments will be one of the duties of the National Securities Commission.

Such a decision against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine speaks of the strength of mind and the desire of the Ukrainian people to follow a civilized, diplomatic and honest path for the development of the country in the future.

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