The “London” Hard Fork In the Ethereum Network Is Happening Right Now

Another hard fork in the Ethereum network called London is already happening. It will go over several networks before being implemented into the Ethereum mainnet. June 24 was scheduled for activating it in the Ropsten network, and June 30 for Goerli. 

In the next month there will be the turn of Rinkeby. If everything goes well, after 300-400 blocks it will finally reach Ethereum. The information was provided by the developer Tim Beiko. 

Besides these details, the ETH1 and ETH2 will be merged. The team already works on the code of this merge; the specifications for its first versions are coming soon. EIP-3074 was audited successfully, and there is already a roadmap for EIP-3540. These offers are the candidates for the next hard fork called Shanghai.

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