The Hacker Stole Over 100 NFTs From Treasure. But Than Returned Some Assets

Using the Treasure marketplace vulnerability based on the Arbitrum L2 protocol, an unknown hacker was able to steal over 100 of the NFTs offered for sale. But after a few hours, the hacker began to return the stolen goods. Thanks to the bug, the hacker was able to “buy” NFTs for zero MAGIC tokens.

Treasure DAO co-founder John Patten confirmed the hack and urged users to remove their assets from the sale.

According to Jacob H., who traced one of the hacker’s addresses, 16 “purchases” for 0 MAGIC were made in half an hour. And the cost of acquiring tokens from the Smol Brains and Legion collections was less than $5 per transaction in the form of gas fees. The total value of all assets is about 426,511 MAGIC (~$1.44 million). Another address received 21 NFTs similarly.

A few hours after the hack, all 16 NFT Smol Brain were sent from the hacker’s first wallet to the Treasure DAO address.

The Treasure team has confirmed that the attacker has initiated asset recovery. And also, the team noted that after compiling a complete list of those affected by the hack, everyone who did not receive their NFTs back will receive compensation.

Amid the news of the hack, the price of MAGIC collapsed from around $3.8 to $2.23 (SushiSwap). At the time of writing, the quotes of the token have recovered, and it is trading sideways near the $3.4 level.

Previously, an anonymous seller auctioned a lot containing 104 NFTs from the CryptoPunks collection at Sotheby’s, but at the last moment, he changed his mind and removed the lot from the auction.

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