The First Bitcoin ATM Was Installed in Honduras

Honduras has installed the first ATM by which people can buy Bitcoins and Ethereum with local fiat currency, subject to proof of identity.

According to Reuters, in one of the office buildings in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, the ATM was installed by the local company TGU Consulting Group.

TGU Executive Director Juan Mayen said that thanks to the new ‘la bitcoinera’ ATM, crypto enthusiasts will be able to purchase BTC and ETH with the local fiat currency, lempira if they agree to scan their IDs and disclose certain personal information.

He added that in the past, many Hondurans had to personally exchange cash for cryptocurrency, which is very inconvenient and dangerous in a country with a high crime rate.

More and more cryptocurrency supporters appear in the countries of Central America. El Salvador is already installing Bitcoin ATMs in preparation for adopting cryptocurrency as legal tender, which is officially set for September 7th.

And other countries, unlike El Salvador, are not in such a hurry to implement cryptocurrencies. In Mexico, one of the senators said back in June that he would propose a bill on the development of the crypto industry in the country. But the Minister of Finance spoke out strongly against the innovation, saying that the current rules and prohibitions in relation to cryptocurrencies will not be cancelled soon.

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