The Expert’s Opinion About the Future of XRP and TRX

Kaleo, an acknowledged crypto analyst and trader, revealed his opinion about the future of XRP and TRX. He sounds quite optimistic about both. Kaleo believes that XRP has good chances of coming back to its ATH of $3.84 regardless of the trial between Ripple and SEC that affected the company’s reputation a lot. 

XRP grew more than 16% last week so Kaleo may be not wrong about it. Speaking of TRX, the expert compares it to Doge that grows exponentially due to the active campaign in social media. He finds a common pre-pump vibe about these two.

He supposes that TRON will go absolutely vertical after a breakdown that is yet to come. The same he says about the BitTorrent Token (BTT). Kaleo is sure that this token is ready to hit its new ATH.

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