The Euro Tour Luxury Crypto Style – Hop Onto Run Crypto Rally 2021!

In September, for five days, Run Crypto Rally participants will be able to visit the most exquisite places in five European countries, relax in luxury hotels, ride supercars and attend various events with leading experts in the cryptocurrency industry.

According to the program of the event, on the first day, the lucky ones will leave London for the Champagne region of France, famous for exclusive wines. Breakfast will take place upon arrival to Calais. A visit to the Circuit de Reims-Gueux and a gourmet multi-course lunch with special champagne are included. And a poker tournament is scheduled for the end of the day.

On the second day, the rally participants will go to Zurich. All crypto sessions and negotiations will be held at dinner in one of the best restaurants.

On the third day, the event moves to Lake Como in Italy. There, participants will be able to enjoy powerboats on the lake and attend a lecture on blockchain from one of the leading experts.

On the morning of the fifth day, the participants go to Monaco for a party on a luxury yacht, where they can not only talk about business but also have a good rest.

And on the fifth day, everyone will fly by helicopter to Nice, where the crypto network event will take place. In the evening, a private jet will take everyone back to London.

The organizers of the event offer two packages of services that differ in cost. If the package includes the cost of renting a supercar, the entire tour will cost $30,000. And without renting such a car, the tour will cost $22,000.

Except this, the packages are no different and include visits to every event, living in five-star hotels, flights, drinks, meals and personal concierge services.

In case of stricter quarantine rules that would make finishing the tour impossible, the organizers promise a full refund.

Run Crypto Rally 2021 is due to start on September 1st and seats are strictly limited. The event will be streamed on the Hyprr DApp social network.

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