The Crypto Market Was Crashed by Today’s News From Elon Musk

Today’s sensational news about Tesla who was announced to stop accepting payments in Bitcoin hit the market like a bombshell. Bitcoin fell down to $45,700, and all the crypto community is in rage because of Musk’s words about switching to a ‘greener’ cryptocurrency. However, the first world’s cryptocurrency has already recovered up to $50,315.

Tesla promised not to sell the Bitcoins that they already own and to restore the Bitcoin payments as soon as they invent a more eco-friendlier way to mine Bitcoins. The community thinks that this announcement can be connected to Tesla’s hopes to receive credits for producing energy from renewable sources.

Anthony Pmpliano, a crypto influencer who is known for being a passionate Bitcoin enthusiast noted that 75% miners use renewable energy to mine Bitcoins. Saiffedean Ammous, an author of the book about Bitcoin, offered Musk to produce his rockets and accumulators with the use of sustainable energy as well. He also said that healthy money is something that society needs more than Tesla’s technical innovations subsidized by the state.

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