The Creator of Pepe the Frog Demanded to Remove From OpenSea an NFT-project Worth $4 Million

The creator of the Pepe the Frog meme, Matt Furie, has demanded that a $4 million NFT project with various images of a frog was removed from OperSea for copyright infringement.

Picture from Twitter

Furie demanded to remove the project called “The Sad Frog Region” containing 7000 software-generated NFTs for Sad Frog from a sample of about 200 features.

According to the Discord channel, when asked by users about the reason for not being able to access the Frog NFT, the OpenSea moderator stated that he removed the Pepe items due to a DMCA request from Frog creator Matt Fury.

Sad Frogs District launched earlier this month and has grossed over $4 million at an average price of $450 per NFT.

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