Tezos Integrated With Ubisoft’s NFT Projects And Added 40%

A giant of the gaming industry, Ubisoft, is going to launch an NFT marketplace. They’ve chosen a Tezos blockchain for that, and the news about the partnership caused a 40% surge of the token’s price although the market is negative at the moment.

The platform the company works on will be called Ubisoft Quartz. Their NFTs will be called Digits and will represent the in-game objects such as transport, weapons etc. The first items will be available this week.

The NFTs will not be able to be won in games, only purchased on the marketplace. However, there will be three airdrops on December 9th, 12th and 15th as a part of the beta testing. Ubisoft have chosen Tezos network because they use PoS consensus algorithm which is considered more eco-friendly compared to PoW.

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