Tether Asks To Protect Them From CoinDesk

Tether filed for the court to protect their confidential information from CoinDesk. They don’t want any information about the USDT reserves to be revealed. The news mogul stepped into their trial with the NYAG.

The first CoinDesk’s request for the access to Tether’s data wasn’t successful but their appeal worked in February, and they got all the documents about the reserve. Tether strongly objects because the revealing of such data threatens the company’s competitive advantages.

The trial started due to the mysterious disappearance of $850 worth USDTs. However, CoinDesk doesn’t think that the company’s trade secrets are more important than the social interest. Tether, in their turn, mentions that there may be an interest conflict there because CoinDesk and Tether’s main competitor, Circle, have a common investor.

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