Tesla, Block and Blockstream Build Bitcoin Green Mining Rig

Tesla, together with Block (formerly Square) and infrastructure company Blockstream, intend to build an environmentally friendly data center for Bitcoin mining.

According to CNBC, the $12 million project will be launched in the state of Texas (Block and Blockstream each invested $6 million). The green mining of the first cryptocurrency will be ensured using a 3.8 MW photovoltaic solar array and a 12 MWh Megapack energy storage from Tesla. According to preliminary calculations, the hashrate will be 30 PH / s.

According to Blockstream co-founder Adam Back, this project will be a great proof of the possibility of using 100% renewable energy to mine the first cryptocurrency.

The creators of the project have designed a dashboard that will display performance metrics in real time, including power output and the total amount of mined BTC. They also plan to add performance metrics for solar power and storage.

According to Back, the construction of the enterprise will be completed at the end of 2022. And if the project turns out to be profitable within the test mode, the partners will add wind power and scale the project.

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